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Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Thanks for visiting our site! If you're new to our practice, then this website will feel new to you! If you've been coming to us for years and just decided to check out our website, well then, this website will feel new to you as well! We just updated our website and hopefully this will capture a nice representation of our practice. At Chagrin Hearing Center, I feel a great passion for helping those with hearing loss and finding the right solution for each patient.

My father had a severe hearing loss in both ears since he was a child and wore many different hearing aids over his life. When I was studying at Ohio University, I took a course in hearing science, just so I could learn about what his hearing loss was like for him, and where exactly his hearing mechanism went wrong. Little did I know that that one step would eventually lead me to own an audiology practice almost 10 years later. I instantly fell in love with learning about the hearing organ and how important it is to hear optimally. After my getting my undergraduate degree in hearing and speech sciences, I attended the University of Pittsburgh for my doctorate in Audiology (don't worry, I didn't convert to becoming a Steelers fan - although maybe I should have). In the last year of the program, I worked as an audiology extern at a private practice in Lynchburg, VA. That's where I knew my calling would take me in audiology field. I knew that I wanted to help patients hear their very best, but I also loved the business side of things.

I've been the owner of Chagrin Hearing Center for over 8 years. Over that time, I've seen tremendous improvements in the hearing industry. Each manufacturer comes out with new technology every 12-18 months and it's my job to learn about each product for our patients. Then, I can start to narrow in on why a certain model might be beneficial for our patients and begin to recommend them accordingly. We offer 30 day trial periods on our hearing aids from Chagrin Hearing Center. This gives patients a chance to see for themselves how the hearing aids are performing in their specific environments. One hearing aid might be good for one patient, while it might not be the best solution for the next patient. This is all due to each patient's specific needs in a hearing aid. Hand in hand with my patients, we've found the right solution for thousands of people over the years, and we'd find the right solution for you as well. So if you or a loved one has been saying "what?!" a lot recently, it's worth a check to see what can be done. Call us today for an appointment, or use our online booking system for easier convenience.

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“Dr. John is wonderful: highly professional, very personable, and with a doctorate from the University of Pittsburgh, his office is just as exemplary. Clean, comfortable, very modern, and well-equipped for service and fittings. Fully recommend.”

- Rob M.



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